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Mikko Tapani Reinikainen

[Mikko Reinikainen Otaniemen lintutornilla]

I was born at Naistenklinikka in Helsinki 15th of August in 1977, one day before Elvis died. I spent the first moments of my life in Myllypuro in Helsinki, from where my parents moved soon after my birth to Nummela in Vihti. During my studies we lived in Otaniemi, Espoo in technology students' family campus with my wife. In the summer 2004 we moved to Vihti parish village.

I graduated in December 2003 as a master of science in technology from the Helsinki University of Technology Department of Computer Science. The last four years of my studies I also worked as a part-time research assistant in HUT's Laboratory of Information Processing Science. In the beginning of 2004 I started working in a software company called First Hop.

I spend my free time, besides being with my family, by engaging in music and photography. I used to play the piano for several years at a music institute, but my piano hobby has reduced itself to playing now and then for my own enjoyment. Most of the time goes to singing in The Polytech Choir (PK). Besides singing, I've been active in the board of PK.

The other main hobby, photography, could easily consume more time than what I now have available. Currently I am most interested in photographing people. Now and then, when I find the time, I wander around in downtown Helsinki with my camera and shoot interesting looking people or situations. I shoot some black and white film, but developing and printing photos yourself takes time, so I usually have a big box of exposed films before I get to develop and print them.

Besides music and photography I am interested in many areas. I like books and movies. I am eager to learn all sorts of new things and to develop myself. However, you can't do everything, so you must make choices. Along with Elli's and Emma's birth family life has risen to be one of the most important areas of life, and with children there is something new and to learn for every day.

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